Scheduling, Rotas & Invoicing

The scheduling, rotas and invoicing module has been developed to assist with the assignment of staff, either in a residential setting or domiciliary service to their shifts and visits.

It will prevent double bookings, missed appointments, over or understaffing, and track total hours with the ability to generate invoice and staff pay amounts from pay rates and charge rates.

You can create visit and shift schedules, assign default staff over a rotation of weeks, and from those create your weekly rotas. From your working rotas, you add in new ad hoc visits, alter times and staff as required. Finally, you can create your staff timesheets from the final rota, and then the invoices and staff pay once the timesheets are confirmed.

The hours saved in management is significant, and with fewer missed or double booked appointments your service will be more efficient.

Coming soon: Call monitoring – have you staff call in once they arrive at a visit and be notified if they are late – be proactive with your service users needs and your staff’s safety.

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