Daily Recording & Reporting

The daily recording and reporting module is designed to replace as much paper as possible.

The majority of daily record keeping such as shift and session reports, incident and accident reports and physical assessments are able to be recorded online, and safely stored in the Curato system for future reference at any time.

Further benefits can be realised by adding signatures to the forms, speeding up the transfer of information within your service. For example, a staff member fills in an accident form. They request for the service managers to sign the form as well as themselves. The managers then have this accident form listed on their dashboard as an item to be signed. They can click through, read the report and sign. This not only increases the speed with which information has passed to the management, but provides a solid audit trail of signatures.

With some services filling in up to and over 200 forms a day, the savings in paper alone are significant. Add to this the reduced stress and anxiety of paper mounting up and the benefits are clear.

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