Care Planning & Risk Assessments

i The care planning and risk assessment module covers the basic recording and reporting requirements for service users, including their initial assessment, ongoing review, customisable care plans and any risk assessments.

All the review dates are tracked on the dashboard, and they are able to be signed and acknowledged by your staff.

This is often the best module with which to start to use the Curato system. Your service user’s care plans and risk assessments are the cornerstone of delivering a reliable, person-centred, safe and effective service.

Using this module not only keeps your care plans and risk assessments up-to-date, by being tracked and easily reviewed, but allows your to ensure all the relevant staff have read and acknowledged the records.

All the records are able to printed as a hard-copy and kept in folders where necessary, keeping everything neat and tidy with guaranteed access to the latest version on the Curato system should anything happen to the printed version.

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