Curato Modules

There are several separate modules to the Curato system. This way it means that you only have to pay for what you need.

Should you need extra modules in the future to save even more time and effort, Then it’s a simple process to add another module. The modules cover the following areas;

Care Planning & Risk Assessments

The care planning and risk assessment module covers the basic recording and reporting requirements for service users, including their initial assessment, ongoing review, customisable care plans and any risk assessments. All the review dates are tracked on the dashboard, and they are able to be signed and acknowledged by your staff.

Daily Recording & Reporting

The daily recording and reporting module is designed to replace as much paper as possible, with the majority of daily record keeping such as shift and session reports, incident and accident reports and physical assessments.

Staff & HR

The staff and HR module is there to cover all your staff record keeping. From recruitment forms to support and supervisions, training and qualification records to annual reviews. All the expiry and review dates are tracked on your dashboard, so you know who needs what, when.

Service Management

The service management module is used to assist with the day-to-day running of each service you run. Offering service meetings and trackable actions, service-wide risk assessments and audit, action plans and daily registers. Additionally, your service policies can be stored and acknowledged by staff.

Company Management

The company management module is designed to keep your company up-to-date with the various maintenance and inspections. From building services, equipment maintenance to vehicle insurance, blue badges and servicing. You can also track when external inspections are due along with companywide policy and meetings.

Scheduling, Rotas & Invoicing

The scheduling, rotas and invoicing module has been developed to assist with the assignment of staff, either in a residential setting or domiciliary service to their shifts and visits. It will prevent double bookings, missed appointments, over or understaffing, and track total hours, with the ability to generate amounts from pay rates and charge rates.