“It’s my pleasure to congratulate Mark Mailer and offer my unreserved recommendation for Curato. I previously managed a complex community support service for adult social care. Had Curato been available at the time this incredible system would have saved me around 4 hours of work on a daily basis. 

I have been astonished at the simplicity and power of this system which would have enabled me to save significant time on:

  • Putting together and updating staff rotas on a daily basis,
  • Managing risk assessments,
  • Care plan reviews,
  • Transport and vehicle deployment,
  • Individual learning and development plans,
  • Reporting and much more!

It’s difficult to truly equate the full value of this system as the savings afforded on time consuming but necessary tasks would have affected everyone on my team in different ways. It is clear to see that it would have equated to a monetary value of tens of thousands of pounds per annum.

That saving could be used directly as a bottom line saving by reducing staff costs, or more likely, enable staff to be deployed on more service facing tasks that would enrich the lives of the people we served.

Return on investment on this system should be seen within the first month of implementation. I whole-heartedly endorse this service.”

Clive Maloney
Get Real About Business