Ecowings is an education and short term respite service for young people with learning disabilities aged from 19 to 30. In June 2013 they went fully live with Curato and have been using the system day and night since then. All their staff save session reports twice daily, once for the morning, once for the afternoon, along with any relevant incident, restraint or accident reports. Managers are then required to sign off these reports so they have a clear overview of what is happening in both locations.

They have input care plans, risk assessments, company policy and procedures and have their staff acknowledge these records – during CQC inspections this has been invaluable to evidence their staff are being kept up to date with all changes.

The CQC inspectors have also been impressed with the ease with which they can find relevant records, and how they have been tracked and followed up. This has helped the management leading up to inspections by not having to worry about collating a mass of information.

Overall, Curato has helped Ecowings to continue to deliver excellent service and standards.