Inner Resources are a focused outreach company specialising support for vulnerable children and adults with social difficulties including Asperger Syndrome, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, learning and mental health difficulties. As their staff go to visit their clients directly, or visit as part of their respite care, having remote access to Curato has allowed them to enter their notes and reports directly either on site or when they return home without having to come back to the office.The reports are then immediately available for the management to see, speeding up the flow of information. This has allowed them to revise care plans and risk assessments quicker than before, making their service safer, more effective and more responsive.

Additionally, where reports used to be sent via email, searching through them became a difficult task. With everything now assigned to the correct service user or staff member, and with full search controls on the system, getting the right information is now trivial.

Curato has helped reduce Inner Resources bureaucratic and administrative burden, allowing the management and staff to focus on their skills of delivering excellent support.