is an end-to-end solution

to help you manage your care service,

decreasing risk,

helping to be compliant,

and allowing your service to thrive and grow

Are you scaling

a mountain of paperwork?

Buried alive in bureaucracy...

...and no time to do your job?

Does your current

recording and reporting

look like this?

Recording and reporting


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Just what is the Curato thing about anyway?
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Cloud based

Cloud-based software. Access all your records, anywhere, anytime, on any device.


Only pay for the bits you need. Add more when you’re ready!

Requirements of Care Services

The RequirementUsual SolutionThe Curato Solution

Accurate recording of information

Paper forms, hand written, stored in folders and files

Cloud based recording, online forms securely stored in a database

Accurate reporting and providing evidence during inspections

Searching through files to find relevant information

Information easily available, searchable and able to be filtered

Records secured

Locked filing cabinets

Secure database in a secure location

Regular review of documents

Excel list, whiteboard list, manual tracking

Curato tracks all upcoming dates automatically

Scheduling, rotas and hours worked

Excel sheets, paper notes and lots of time

Assign staff, track hours, prevent missed visits

Disaster recovery

Potentially all files and records lost

Nightly backups, encrypted and stored off-site. Full recovery of all data

Out of hours/ remote access

Go to the office

Access Curato secure cloud services anywhere

Scaling the Paper MountainCurato is an advanced cloud based software package satisfying the management, recording and reporting requirements for care providers.

The Care Quality Commission now asks the following key questions;

  • Is the service safe?
  • Is it effective?
  • Is it caring?
  • Is it responsive to people’s needs?
  • Is it well led?

Adopting Curato delivers effective management, staff accountability and ultimately an increase in capacity and productivity from each and every employee. From greater levels of productivity comes better value from staff and the potential of less staffing costs to cover the same workload.

Writing care plans, reviewing risk assessments on time, verifying staff have read the relevant care plans and risk assessments, tracking staff training, DBS checks and support and supervisions, running schedules to managing buildings and vehicles, generating invoices and setting up rotas, there’s a lot to monitor.

Managing all these aspects is time consuming and with the ongoing risk of error. As your services and business expand, Curato
helps to manage these risks and saves time allowing you to thrive.

“Curato is an end-to-end solution to help you manage all these aspects and more, decreasing risk, helping to be compliant, and allowing your service to thrive and grow.”